Change mood of image
This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to change the mood of image using photo filter.
Submitted on the 07 2008f Jul, 2008. Website: ilike2photoshop. Hits:464   
More Patterns
The very simple example of using patterns. But agree that this illustration is beautiful.
Submitted on the 15 2006f Sep, 2006. Website: Hits:1185   
Realistic Grass texture
Realistic Grass texture
Submitted on the 24 2008f Dec, 2008. Website: Welcome to Design Inn Blog. Hits:476   
Tinsel Picture
We'll see how to represent the flares, to make the picture look older and to work with the layers and textures.
Submitted on the 19 2006f Dec, 2006. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:1095   
Abstract Artsy Background
Learn to draw Abstract Artsy Background
Submitted on the 14 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: Hits:583   
Abstract background
This tutorial teaches you to design an abstract background, which looks very attractive and cool. We will use Gradient, 2 filters (Glass & Emboss), layer style (mainly Lighten) and transform the object to have a cool background.
Submitted on the 16 2007f Feb, 2007. Website: Hits:763   
Abstract pattern motion background
Photoshop tutorial showing how to make a cool pattern with a motion effect, for a backgound image.
Submitted on the 16 2007f Mar, 2007. Website: photoshop tutorials. Hits:679   
Abstract Patterns
How can you create abstract work in Photoshop? There are literally thousands of ways of doing it, but I'm going to show you just one.
Submitted on the 16 2007f Feb, 2007. Website: Hits:640   
Abstract yellow glowing background texture
how to make a cool abstract yellow glowing background texture effect in just a few steps in photoshop
Submitted on the 12 2007f Aug, 2007. Website: photoshop tutorials. Hits:558   
Autumn Picture
Cut out the fur, without damaging it, work with the layers and textures and also correct the size and the shape of certain objects.
Submitted on the 01 2006f Dec, 2006. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:927   
Basic Pattern Usage
Learn the theory behind patterns and learn how to save and use them
Submitted on the 24 2006f May, 2006. Website: Pure Graphics. Hits:1826   
Choppy Seas
Its a sad fact, but newbies to the world of Photoshop texturing can sometimes feel lost at sea with all the options, filters, and plug-ins available to them. Instead of reaching for a lifeline, however, how about creating a simple seafaring texture on your very own monitor?
Submitted on the 20 2006f Jul, 2006. Website: Biorust. Hits:2257   
Cool Abstract Background
Learn to draw Cool Abstract Background using Adobe Photoshop
Submitted on the 18 2006f Oct, 2006. Website: Hits:922   
Cool abstract background
Learn to design this cool abstract background
Submitted on the 11 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: Hits:858   
Cool Pattern
Every professional designer uses patterns. It is one of the most powerful features of Photoshop
Submitted on the 15 2006f Sep, 2006. Website: Hits:954   
Create a book cover
This Tutorial will show you how to create a book cover , it is pretty easy and staright to the point , just follow the steps and you will end up with a nice book cover .. It's supposed to take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes !
Submitted on the 30 2007f Sep, 2007. Website: Hits:607   
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