Bold Gold Type
Thus this week's article is going to focus on what I consider a fun effect... creating solid gold type embedded in metal. Wait until you see the result... these letters look heavy!
Submitted on the 01 2006f Sep, 2006. Website: Hits:1553   
Cloud Text
This tutorial teaches you how to create cloud-text. You just need to find the right brush and come here for the perfect layer-style. "That truly belongs amongst the clouds!"
Submitted on the 29 2007f Mar, 2007. Website: Hits:1847   
Shape Text in Photoshop
This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to shape your text in any desired shape
Submitted on the 28 2007f Nov, 2007. Website: Photoshop Tutorials Room. Hits:851   
2009 Multi-colored effects
A simple walkthrough on how to create a colored text effects in Adobe Photoshop, which can then be used as an element in your designs
Submitted on the 28 2008f Nov, 2008. Website: AdobeTutorialz. Hits:813   
3d alike glowing text effect in Photoshop
How to make a great glowing 3d alike text effect in Adobe Photoshop in just a few easy steps.
Submitted on the 29 2007f Mar, 2007. Website: photoshop tutorials. Hits:1130   
3D angled or beveled text effect for logo or banner
Cool looking 3D beveled or angled text effect.
Submitted on the 28 2007f Jun, 2007. Website: Hits:962   
3D Bulge Text Effect
Create an awesome 3D text effect with various photoshop filters (Plastic wrap, Blur, Sharpen) and other tricks that will make you a text effect master!
Submitted on the 26 2008f Mar, 2008. Website: Hits:1140   
3D Digital text effect
Learn how to create a digital text effect with this simple method
Submitted on the 23 2006f Dec, 2006. Website: Hits:1106   
3D Dreamy Scene On The Sky: Tutorial
I wanted to create dreamy scene in the sky, learning different effects through all tutorial. Tutorial is 3D like adding storm effect, hope You'll enjoy it!
Submitted on the 15 2008f Oct, 2008 by dainix. Website: 1stwebdesigner. Hits:857   
3D glowing animated text
This tutorial will cover on how to make a 3D look text and a smooth glowing text animation
Submitted on the 06 2006f Jul, 2006. Website: Hits:3416   
3D Lava Text
This tutorial will show you how to create 3D looking text that is sinking into some hot lava, all in 1 effect, all in 5 simple steps...
Submitted on the 21 2006f Sep, 2006. Website: Hits:1737   
3D shapes
In this tutorial we will learn how to create 3D shapes using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop software. The main idea of this tutorial is to explore the Adobe Illustrator's 3d feature and making a design using adjustments in Photoshop.
Submitted on the 30 2009f Apr, 2009. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:569   
3D Text effect
This tutorial shows you how to create a nice 3D text using only photoshop 7...
Submitted on the 21 2006f Sep, 2006. Website: Hits:1553   
3D Text Effect
Make some 3D looking text without having to actually have a 3D graphics program like 3DSM.
Submitted on the 05 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: Hits:717   
3D Text in photoshop
Make a very sleak 3D text with photoshop.
Submitted on the 06 2006f Jul, 2006. Website: Hits:3387   
3D Text on Fire
This tutorial will show you how to create a dark scene with 3D letters and fire using Photoshop and Illustrator.
Submitted on the 10 2009f Mar, 2009. Website: Denis Designs. Hits:692   
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