Fashion women photo effects
In this Photoshop tutorial we will use some photo manipulation techniques to create beautiful women wallpaper. We will use some filters, blending modes and textures.
Submitted on the 12 2009f Aug, 2009. Website: AdobeTutorialz. Hits:342   
Fast, Easy Pop Art-Style Effect With Lab Color
Learn how to quickly and easily create a pop art-style effect from any photo using the Lab color mode in Photoshop.
Submitted on the 18 2007f Jun, 2007 by Trakoiram. Website: Photoshop Hits:514   
Fergie, from a Glamurous to Cinderella.
Learn to turn Fergie from a glamurous girl to Cinderella.
Submitted on the 02 2007f Aug, 2007. Website: Megatutorials. Hits:396   
Fill-o-Graphy Poster Design : A beautiful yet cheap way to create a poster
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a beautiful typography poster in a few hours that looks like a piece of art, is dirt cheap to reproduce(using B&W photocopies) and guarantees admiration !
Submitted on the 27 2009f Mar, 2009. Website: Posterbag - A community of poster design lovers. Hits:241   
Finish With A Bang - Adding Fireworks To A Photo
Finish your photos off with a bang by adding real fireworks to them. If you can paint with a brush and change a layer blend mode, you have all the skills you need to fill your night skies with huge explosions and brilliant colors!
Submitted on the 29 2007f Jul, 2007. Website: Photoshop Hits:370   
Fire and Flames
Learn to create realistic fire
Submitted on the 13 2008f Jun, 2008. Website: Giveupalready. Hits:388   
Fire text 2.0
In this tutorial you will learn how to apply this stylish fire effect to a text.
Submitted on the 14 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: Hits:413   
Make this cool fireball
Submitted on the 24 2006f May, 2006. Website: Pure Graphics. Hits:2525   
Fireball 2
Create this realistic fireball by using only filters
Submitted on the 30 2006f May, 2006. Website: TheDesignWorld. Hits:2030   
Let's add salutes to this picture.
Submitted on the 17 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: AKVIS. Hits:353   
Firey Blast Background
This tutorial will show you how to create a cool firey blast background you can use as a starting point for creating your wallpaper...
Submitted on the 22 2006f Aug, 2006. Website: Hits:1036   
Fishing Boat
Here we create a beautifully colored image evoking the mysterious feeling of just past sunset, with a luminous water surface giving the feeling of motion, and undistorted areas anchoring us to reality!
Submitted on the 07 2006f Aug, 2006. Website: Hits:712   
Fix Harsh Daylight Photos
One of the most annoying problem for many photographers is harsh daylight lighting. In this Photoshop class, we'll teach you how to rescue those photos and make them look acceptable.
Submitted on the 23 2008f Feb, 2008. Website: Free Online Classes. Hits:271   
Flower girl
In this long tutorial I will show you how I made a flower girl. We will use warping, shadows and highlights.
Submitted on the 13 2007f Nov, 2007. Website: Hits:287   
Flower meadow
We'll show how we can colorize the worst b&w photo.
Submitted on the 31 2007f May, 2007. Website: AKVIS. Hits:286   
Fluffy clouds and sun's rays
In this tutorial we will learn how to picture fluffy clouds and sun rays.
Submitted on the 15 2006f Nov, 2006. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:580   
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