Christmas Wallpaper
Hello, today the topic of our tutorial will be the holidays that are coming very soon. So enjoy the process thinking about Christmas time.
Submitted on the 04 2007f Dec, 2007. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:337   
Christmas Wallpapers and Backgrounds
Today the topic of our tutorial will be the holidays that are coming very soon. So enjoy the process thinking about Christmas time. We will do a lot of experiments with the brushes.
Submitted on the 08 2007f Dec, 2007. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:362   
Chrome background image.
Design a chrome melted metal or liquid.
Submitted on the 06 2007f Jul, 2007. Website: Hits:299   
Chrommy Technique
In this tutorial I will show you a technique to use a Flare Tools for making a chrommy looks artwork.
Submitted on the 07 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: Hits:438   
Claw Scratches
Make some realistic claw scratches on someone's face.
Submitted on the 11 2007f Feb, 2007. Website: Ekoline Media. Hits:710   
Coffee cup stain old black white photo effect
Here we will tell you how to make a Coffeecupstain-oldblackwhite-photoeffect in photoshop
Submitted on the 19 2008f Jan, 2008. Website: Hits:450   
Color correction on poor quality images
In this tutorial we will learn an easy way on how to do color corrections on poor quality images.
Submitted on the 24 2007f Jul, 2007. Website: Hits:404   
Color Highlights Using Adjustment Layers
Create wonderful color highlights with a simple adjustment layer.
Submitted on the 10 2008f Dec, 2008. Website: Hits:197   
Color Variations
In this tutorial we will practice some of PS's layer styles and color variations. I was asked to do something shinny and colorful, so this is it. We will just make a design using basic line elements with combination with layer stiles.
Submitted on the 04 2009f Mar, 2009. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:280   
Colorize A Photo With Multiple Colors In Photoshop
Create an interesting color effect in Photoshop by dividing a single photo into multiple sections and colorizing each section with a different color, then learn how to easily change all the colors at once!
Submitted on the 06 2008f Nov, 2008. Website: Photoshop Hits:271   
Colorize an old Photo
In this tutorial I want to show you how it to colorize an old black and white photo.
Submitted on the 10 2008f Jun, 2008. Website: Hits:265   
Colorize B&W Picture
You can see how to colorize a b&w picture in to colored. First part, introduction and colorize a body part
Submitted on the 31 2007f Mar, 2007. Website: videotutorials. Hits:488   
Combining Reality With A Rotoscope-Style Painting
Combining live action with hand-drawn or painted images is a popular technique used in everything from tv commercials to Hollywood movies, and in this tutorial, we'll see how easy it is to create something similar in Photoshop.
Submitted on the 16 2007f Jul, 2007. Website: Photoshop Hits:497   
Comet Fire Blast Effect In Photoshop
In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial I will show you how to make a cool comet fire blasting effect in just a few easy steps.
Submitted on the 26 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: photoshop tutorials. Hits:342   
Commercial Lighting
In this tutorial we will learn how to work with photo retouching, make some lighting effects.
Submitted on the 05 2008f Jan, 2008. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:664   
Comparing The Levels And Curves Image Adjustments In Photoshop
Learn how to make the same basic tonal adjustments to an image in Photoshop with Levels and Curves, then see why Curves goes far beyond anything you can do with Levels!
Submitted on the 10 2009f May, 2009. Website: Photoshop Hits:345   
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