3D Image Effect - Jumping Out of an Image
Learn to draw 3D Image Effect - Jumping Out of an Image
Submitted on the 17 2007f Jan, 2007. Website: Hits:2461   
Applying a Rust Effect
Learn to Apply a Rust Effect
Submitted on the 16 2007f Jan, 2007. Website: Hits:1453   
California Poppies
This tutorial describes how to make an ordinary photograph into a beautiful watercolor painting!
Submitted on the 07 2006f Aug, 2006. Website: Hits:3519   
Give highlight to hair
This is very easy method to give highlight to the hair. It can also be used for coloring the hair. Works only over light colored hair.
Submitted on the 27 2008f Dec, 2008. Website: Welcome to Design Inn blog. Hits:679   
Green Field Wallpaper
This tutorial we will teach how to create Green Field Wallpaper
Submitted on the 16 2007f May, 2007. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:1381   
Photoshop Picture to Sketch
Learn how to change a picture to a sketch in easy steps using Photoshop.
Submitted on the 15 2007f Dec, 2007. Website: Good Photoshop Tutorials. Hits:1086   
Vectorise People
This is a hard tutorial that may take some time, but it really worth it! This will teach you how to get those real vectorised people! And not by using filters...
Submitted on the 02 2007f Mar, 2007. Website: Hits:1961   
Water color effect
This tutorial is about creating a very easy and fast way to achieve water color effect to the photos. It wont take more than 3 minutes to do it.
Submitted on the 28 2008f Dec, 2008. Website: Welcome to Design Inn blog. Hits:950   
"Phototypography" or how to illustrate the picture with the text
This lesson we’ll try to get an unusual visual effect by creating selections with Color Range
Submitted on the 14 2008f Feb, 2008. Website: newphotoguide. Hits:675   
1981 was a *** great year
This tutorial is about creating fantastic and unique gifts to your friends.
Submitted on the 21 2007f Jul, 2007. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:1123   
2 in 1 - Stunning 3D Ice Text Effect Tutorial
I wanted to create very natural Ice text separately and later add it to iceberg image. Be sure to check out this tutorial!
Submitted on the 15 2008f Oct, 2008 by dainix. Website: 1stwebdesigner. Hits:796   
3d car in motion
In this tutorial I will show you how to create an in motion 3D car from an ordinary 2D picture.
Submitted on the 11 2007f Apr, 2007. Website: Hits:1109   
3D Computer Screen
Learn how to make an image look like it is jumping right out of a monitor screen.
Submitted on the 16 2008f Jan, 2008. Website: Hits:831   
3D Dissolve Text Effect
Create this awesome 3D text with a dissolve background to really kick this text effect into high gear.
Submitted on the 26 2008f Mar, 2008. Website: Hits:1199   
3D Effects in Adobe Photoshop
In this tutorial we are going to practice some effects in Photoshop. And also a little bit of color practice. Remember that the color of the picture plays major role in whole the illustration.
Submitted on the 05 2008f Mar, 2008. Website: EyesOnTutorials. Hits:1270   
3D Ice Cube Design from Photoshop
This is an attempt of drawing 'by hand' a 3D Ice Cube with some illumination effects. Some basic optic physics knowledge is required.
Submitted on the 08 2007f Dec, 2007. Website: 3DataDesign. Hits:947   
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