Make a swirling abstract line background.

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Date : 2005-09-26 12:16 Average members rating : 10.00
First, create a 800x800 Document.
Fill the layer with black.
Go to Filter, then select Render, and then Lens Flare.
Dont mess with the Lens Flare setings, use the default ones.
Put the lens flare wherever you like.
Repeat the previouse step until you have something like this.

Now we will make this layer black and white.
For this, press control+u (Hue/Saturation menu)
Set Saturation to -100.
There you have it, black and white.
Now Click Filter, then Pixalate, and choose Mezzotint.
Select Medium Strokes.
Now go to Filter,select Blur,then Radial Blur.
Use these setings for Radial Blur:
Amount : 100
Type : Zoom
Quality : Best
Press Ctrl + F 3 times (to repeat the filter 3 times) so you can get a smooth texture.

Lets add some color, shall we?!
Press Ctrl + U.
Select colorize, and choose your color, the one you like most.
I am using a Bright red

Getting pretty! Lets continue.
Copy the layer. Use Ctrl + J to do it.
With the new layer selected, set the belending mode to "Lighten"
Still with the new laye selected, select Fliter, then Distort, and Twirl.
Put the setings on -100
Now, copy the new layer (Ctrl + J). Select the new layer you just copied and select Filter, Distort and then Twirl.
Put the setings on 50.

From here, its really your choice. Try adding some more effects like color balancing, wave, twirl, any you want.
Always copy the layer you are workink on, always set the blending mode on lighten, and use Distortion Filters.Try messing with the color balance for nice visual effects.
For the effect I did below, just use the Filter, then Wave (default settings). (Also mess with color balance :P)

After applying the wave filter, I selecting the part I like most with the Rectangular Marquee Tool
Final Product:

Here is what i did with other settings., and by adding some glow effect.

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