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Updated : 2010-10-26
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Years and years .When I stay quietly . I always thinking about the same problem.such as : Life is a sacred. But ,What is the value of life ? What kind of person ugg boots sale I am? I want to know myself in detail.maybe itís a very difficult questions to everyone in all ages .

In such a real ugg boots cheap life for long time in the future . What kind of life style I will choose now ,itís a very good time .freedom ,peace . Maybe we can choose our own life . Time past so long . I've ugg boots chestnut got some satisfactory answers by thinking . There will be many things affects us in our there are full of fun ,happiness , charms bored, confused, annoy,sorrow ,painful and so on . They often appears cycle or random .but ,I think whatever the life how to change . We must keep the emotion in rich . Can't live passively. If we don't do that.